Crowdfunding is a great way to help you reach your fundraising goals so you can finance your community playground. Before you begin, set an overall goal for your campaign, which should be higher than the price of the equipment itself. Keep in mind that you’ll have other expenses such as:

  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Preparing the site
  • Surfacing

Develop a crowdfunding strategy in advance to ensure you raise enough money to achieve your goal. You also want to keep people engaged and committed to your campaign so they’ll be more likely to donate generously. Think about crowdfunding as an opportunity to educate people about the benefits of play and why the equipment will help your community. When you approach crowdfunding as a way to connect with your community, you’ll enjoy the challenge.

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How Does Crowdfunding Work?

Crowdfunding is fundraising that appeals to the masses. You go directly to people you know or who might care about your cause and ask them to donate. This usually involves creating a website or using an online crowdfunding platform. Remember to be transparent about exactly where donations will be spent in order to establish trust.

Anyone can contribute to the cause, including individuals, charities, and companies. While most charitable giving comes from individuals, you may also be able to secure a generous donation from a local business or charity.


Why Pursue Crowdfunding Projects for Playgrounds?

Crowdfunding options work well to finance a playground for three main reasons:

  1. They get people interested in the project.
  2. They help parents learn about your plans, which can spark kids’ interest right away.
  3. They bring people together and foster a commitment that lasts long after the playground is built.


Tips for Crowdfunding Playground Projects

Here are four strategies that can help you reach your crowdfunding goals.

1. Share Updates on Social Media

Encourage people to share your updates so you can reach a wider group of donors. Someone may see that another person has donated and feel motivated to match that donation. Regular updates also keep potential donors engaged and interested. If they see that you are close to your goal, they may decide to pitch in.

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2. Reach Out to Local Media Outlets

Raising money to build a playground is the definition of a feel-good story, and many newspapers and other media outlets actively search for positive news. Contact your local newspapers and give them a quick summary of your story, why it matters, and how people can donate. The additional exposure of a newspaper article or other media coverage could bring in more donations.

3. Be Creative

Fundraising is all about being creative and using your imagination. You can engage potential donors using unique strategies. For instance, you may consider dividing your playground area and selling spaces to individuals, giving them ownership over that one area. You can also incentivize this program by creating commemorative plaques for each donor that will be installed in their area, such as on a park bench or near a swing set.

4. Sell Advertising to Businesses

Many playgrounds and recreational areas have fences and benches. One way to attract the attention of local businesses is to sell ad space. First, you’ll need to establish a minimum donation requirement in order for a business to qualify for a banner ad. This crowdfunding option is an excellent way to secure donations from local businesses.


Explore Your Playground Financing Options

Need guidance on raising funds for your playground? Start with our Funding Resource Center. Our experts have compiled information on the step-by-step process for gaining funding and managing your campaign. You can contact our experts to learn more about your choices, including crowdfunding.

Download our guides that discuss how to identify donors and build relationships, as well as how to launch and manage a successful fundraising campaign. You can also find links to immediate funding solutions and tips on finding grants. Everything you learn can help make your crowdfunding efforts more effective as well.

If you are interested in crowdfunding for your playground, contact a Little Tikes Commercial representative to discuss your options today!

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