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Little Tikes Commercial playground equipment is known for its durability, creative design, quality materials, and sheer fun factor. Our playground equipment is tested by engineers and by the toughest critics: Children! We create every piece of playground equipment so it’s fun to use and inspires creativity while keeping children safer.

At Little Tikes Commercial, we use sustainable and inclusive design techniques to ensure everyone gets to play. If you’d like to create a special playground for your homeowner’s association, school, place of worship, or other organization, contact us to discuss your options. Little Tikes Commercial offers a wide range of industrial playground equipment.

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Playground Equipment

The Benefits of Play with Little Tikes Commercial Playgrounds

Play offers several benefits to children. Playing helps children be children and express themselves through creativity and imagination. Play, however, also has an important role in child development: Children who engage together in fun learn important social skills on the playground.

In addition, a playground offers important opportunities for physical development. By climbing overheads, ladders, and climbers, children develop physical skills such as balance and strength. Playgrounds also offer ample opportunity for sensory development. Younger children, especially, can learn to develop curiosity about color from the bright pieces of playground equipment or can learn to explore the world of texture with the textures present on slides, climbers, and other equipment on the playground. Activity panels provide an opportunity to play with sound or even to learn numbers and letters.

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Creative Design Playground

Playground Equipment

Playground Components and Structures With an Emphasis on Safety

At Little Tikes Commercial, we take play seriously. We are confident our playground structures will last and provide superior safety. Equipped with anti-pinch features and non-slip surfaces, our playground pieces come with industry-leading warranties and meet or exceed all relevant safety requirements created by CSA, EN, CPSC, and ATSM.

Little Tikes Commercial strives to create affordable, aesthetically pleasing playground equipment components that will add beauty to your site. Choose from a variety of commercial-grade playground structures such as slides, roofs, bridges, tunnels, climbers, swings, activity panels, riders, ramps, furnishings, and overheads.

Playground Equipment

Themed Playground Structures

Themed playgrounds are an excellent way to inspire imaginative play. Whether they’re scaling the tallest tower of a castle, boarding a pirate ship, or crawling through a tunnel passageway, kids can make any fairytale come to life through play. Our design team at Little Tikes Commercial will work with you to develop your ideas and bring your unique vision to life

Feel free to browse our catalog of themed playground equipment such as:

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Playground Equipment

Inclusive Outdoor Playground Structures for Schools and Parks

We believe every child deserves to experience new environments, feel challenged, and explore the exciting possibilities of play. We offer a wide variety of playground structures that provide sensory benefits and accessibility to create inclusive playgrounds that are welcoming and help kids of all ages and abilities play together. 

For decades, Little Tikes Commercial has created play spaces that eliminate barriers and enrich childhood through innovative playground structures and themes. We strive to help communities design play spaces that allow all individuals to participate.

Little Tikes Commercial designs playground structures that meet and exceed ADA guidelines for accessibility. We offer playground pieces such as wide decks, slides, and ramps as well as various playground components to provide developmentally appropriate and fun play activities for all.

Our inclusive playground components include:

  • Therapeutic Rings
  • Talk Tube
  • Ramps with Double Rails
  • The Rock’n Ship Glider
  • Activity Panels
Free Standing Structure

Playground Equipment

Durable Freestanding Playground Pieces

Want to bring joy and creative play opportunities to children, schools, and communities for years to come? If so, durability and safety are crucial. At Little Tikes Commercial, we utilize superior construction methods and quality materials to ensure our freestanding materials last.

Our playground pieces are constructed with durable materials and include details like anti-corrosion coatings to ensure they stand up to the elements and long-term usage. We also manufacture all commercial playground structures with non-toxic materials that resist mold and decay.

Dino Playground

Playground Equipment

Work With Little Tikes Commercial to Turn Your Vision into Reality

Many organizations choose to work with Little Tikes Commercial because they’re looking for a reputable playground equipment manufacturer with extensive experience. Little Tikes Commercial success stories are everywhere, in the playgrounds we’ve helped develop across the nation.

When you work with Little Tikes Commercial, you can build new playground equipment through our support in design. All our equipment is carefully designed by engineers and extensively tested for absolute safety. Whether you want to customize your playground or have your own ideas for design, Little Tikes Commercial can work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

We offer a full range of freestanding playground components as well as fully designed playsets to meet the needs of your play space. Browse our collection of commercial playground structures or find a Little Tikes Commercial rep near you today and let us help you design the perfect playground for your school, park, place of worship, or other organization.

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