Playground Equipment

Little Tikes Commercial playground equipment is known for its durability, creative design, quality materials and sheer fun factor. Our playground equipment is tested by engineers and by the toughest critics: Children! We create every piece of playground equipment so it’s fun to use and inspires creativity while keeping children safer.

At Little Tikes Commercial, we use sustainable and inclusive design techniques to ensure everyone gets to play. If you’d like to create a special playground for your homeowner’s association, school, place of worship or other organization, contact us to discuss your options. Little Tikes Commercial offers a range of industrial playground equipment, including:

  • Overheads, including rings and ladders
  • Riders and motion equipment to let children ride and play
  • Decks and ramps to make a playground more accessible
  • Swings, including swings designed for toddlers and accessibility
  • Climbers, including ladders, netting, rocklike formations and other options
  • Tunnels, which can act as stand-alone features or be used to connect playground equipment
  • Activity panels
  • Bridges to bring a playground together
  • Roofs to offer sun protection
  • Slides, including triple wide slides, tunnel slides and more

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The Benefits of Play with Little Tikes Commercial Playgrounds

Play offers several benefits to children. Playing helps children be children and express themselves through creativity and imagination. Play, however, also has an important role in child development: Children who engage together in fun learn important social skills on the playground.

In addition, a playground offers important opportunities for physical development. By climbing overheads, ladders and climbers, children develop physical skills such as balance and strength. Playgrounds also offer ample opportunity for sensory development. Younger children, especially, can learn to develop curiosity about color from the bright pieces of playground equipment or can learn to explore the world of texture with the textures present on slides, climbers and other equipment on the playground. Activity panels provide an opportunity to play with sound or even to learn numbers and letters.

Who Buys Little Tikes Commercial Playgrounds?

Little Tikes Commercial playground equipment and surfaces are used by places of worship, schools, churches, homeowner’s associations, communities, parks, recreational spaces and other organizations.

Little Tikes Commercial is a playground structure manufacturer known for being in the industry for more than 30 years and for offering durable, high-quality playground equipment at budget-friendly playground prices, with financing options available.

Working With Little Tikes Commercial

Many organizations choose to work with Little Tikes Commercial because they’re looking for a reputable playground equipment manufacturer with extensive experience. Little Tikes Commercial success stories are everywhere, in the playgrounds we’ve helped develop across the nation.

When you work with Little Tikes Commercial, you can build new playground equipment through our support in design. All our equipment is carefully designed by engineers and extensively tested for absolute safety. Whether you want to customize your playground or have your own ideas for design, Little Tikes Commercial can work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

Little Tikes Commercial also understands that the cost of a playground is a consideration for many organizations. We work to keep the cost of commercial playground equipment reasonable, and we don’t artificially inflate our prices. At the same time, we don’t cut corners on quality or safety. This ensures that when you invest in our playground equipment, you can enjoy peace-of-mind as well as safety on your playground.

To make the cost of playground equipment even more affordable, Little Tikes Commercial offers financing as well as leasing options. In addition, we keep our playground equipment prices transparent, so there are no surprises. Whether you’d like to talk about design or playground equipment pricing, contact Little Tikes Commercial and you’ll see why more people choose us when they’re looking to create a new commercial playground.

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