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Grand Strand (200203661)

A Grand Discovery

Grand Strand combines flex tread panels, crisscrossing rope, and hoops to create an adventurous landscape for kids that’s full of open, easy sightlines for caretakers.

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A Soothing Space

Developed through our partnership with Unlimited Play, Quiet Grove is a place where kids who are in need of a break from the ongoings of the playground may take one without having to leave the premises. Filled with soothing activities that allow them to spin, push, click, and move objects, Quiet Grove helps to alleviate stress and provides focus for kids that are overstimulated.

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Rooted in Fun

NU-Edge® Trellix provides kids of all abilities the opportunity to explore via a multitude of play paths. With a rope maze, two slides, a social hangout spot, and an interactive lookout, this 23-foot structure sows wonder in hearts throughout the community.

GSX (200203662)

Small and Mighty

NU-Edge® GSX packs big fun into a small space. Complete with a slide, ladders, interior net, and challenging rope elements that encourage kids to strengthen their climbing abilities, this structure provides the perfect amount of play value for any play space.

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Naturally Playful

From our NU-Edge® collection that merges natural and urban aesthetics to our exclusive Naturtek™ material that imitates the look and feel of nature, our products inspire and motivate exploration of the outdoors for generations to come.


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