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5 Reasons to Add Picnic Tables to Your Community Park

reasons to add picnic tables to your park

Picnic tables are in many of the best public green spaces and community parks because they offer a relaxing space for visitors to unwind and enjoy the clean air. These tables have a wide variety of uses and benefits for your park and your community, including encouraging more people to visit. In our guide, you’ll discover why picnic tables are important to parks and how to arrange yours to create a unique, welcoming space.

Reasons Every Park Needs Outdoor Picnic Tables

Every park can benefit from adding picnic tables. Whether you want to add picnic tables for school groups to gather, encourage parents to unwind while their children play, or offer an outdoor productivity station for students and workers, these surfaces create a welcoming space for a variety of activities. Here are five reasons to add picnic tables to your community park.

1. Provide a Resting Place for Everyone

Community parks offer a break from the hustle and bustle of typical routines, and picnic tables can foster a sense of peace for visitors. People and families visit community parks for a variety of reasons. From watching sports games to visiting with family members, encouraging children to exert their energy, and taking breaks during work, people come to these spaces for various reasons.

Providing tables encourages your community to relax in whatever way is meaningful for them while getting fresh air. These simple pieces offer a reprieve for tired caregivers while their children play nearby and provide a calming atmosphere for those looking to take a break from work or studying. By offering picnic tables, you accommodate more activities and people of all ages, encouraging more community members to visit.

2. Encourage Outdoor Gatherings

Community parks are fantastic for holiday celebrations, birthday parties, family reunions, and other gatherings. With wide, open spaces and tons of greenery, many people love planning events at the park. However, people need a place to set up their cakes, food, plates, drinks, presents, and other party supplies. Picnic tables make it much easier for families and friends to create a seamless experience in the sun, making it easier for you to encourage get-togethers at your park.

3. Boost Creativity and Productivity

Although parks are excellent spaces for relaxing, people often visit when they need to get work done, and green spaces boost productivity. Offering picnic tables empowers you to create a productive space for students and workers as they can rest their computers, books, notes, and other supplies on the table and work efficiently. Visitors can read for pleasure, complete art pieces, and find inspiration in the natural world.

4. Create a Safe Space for Activities

Your local park is more than a space for exercising and eating. On top of gathering with friends and family, working, taking breaks, reading, and resting, parks are beautiful spaces for festivals and community events. Picnic tables throughout your park can make a significant difference in imagining these events. Use these surfaces to hold equipment, host contests, and provide a reprieve for tired or hungry guests who want to sit down without being on the ground.

5. Add Aesthetic Appeal

Furniture can complement your green space and add unique visual interest. There are many picnic table styles, designs, and colors, so you can find the best match for your park to impress visitors and guests. You can also look for custom designs and patterns to make your space unique and draw interest.

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How Parks Use Public Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are excellent places for relaxing, eating, and entertaining. They provide a comfortable space to visit with friends, have a meal, read, and work while getting fresh air. Here are some of the most common ways to use a picnic table:

  • Eating: The main function of picnic tables is typically for eating. Guests can rely on the flat surfaces to create a relaxing and enjoyable eating experience. Parks commonly place these surfaces near food stands or grilling areas.
  • Outdoor seating: Your picnic tables offer a reprieve when hosting a community event or inviting community members to celebrate with their friends and families. Rather than sitting on the ground or standing, they can take a seat and regain energy while staying active in the sun. Add picnic tables under pavilions or by amphitheaters.
  • Getting fresh air: Simply sitting outside offers a range of benefits, including reducing stress, relieving muscle tension, and lowering cortisol levels. Visitors who want fresh air can rest at your picnic tables for as long as they need. Install tables around botanical gardens or trees so parkgoers can relax in nature.

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Where Do You Place a Picnic Table?

Depending on your park size, the events you host, and the activities you offer, your table setup may look vastly different from another park. Some common locations work well for these tables, but you will likely want to incorporate multiple ideas into your park to maximize your space. For arrangement inspiration, check out these picnic seating ideas:

  • In the shade: People often look for picnic tables so they can relax in the cool air. Placing some tables in the shade will give your guests’ eyes a break from the sun and allow them to store food and drinks away from the heat.
  • Near play areas: Playground picnic tables encourage guardians to stay close to their children as they play. Keeping a few tables close to the playground can encourage families to mingle while keeping a watchful eye on their little ones.
  • Along walking paths: Consider placing some tables on walking trails for your exercising guests. While they’re running, biking, or walking, they may need to take a break and can appreciate the convenience of staying on the path. Riders also might need to rearrange helmets, padding, and equipment, and your picnic tables offer a more comfortable experience than the ground.
  • Under a pavilion: Incorporating tables under a pavilion is an excellent idea because you can encourage large gatherings under a shaded outdoor escape. Families grilling food or cutting a birthday cake can appreciate the convenience of the many surfaces while keeping their food out of the sun.
  • On level surfaces: If you want additional tables throughout your park, look for level ground or surfaces. Placing your tables on hillsides or over rough terrain can create an uneven tabletop that may not provide the support your guests need. As long as your table remains level and flat, almost any space can be great for a picnic table.

Types of Picnic Tables

Finding the right style, color, and size of picnic tables for your park can help create a more welcoming and cohesive space. Your site amenities can be as bright and colorful or neutral and calming as you’d like. When you get the perfect amenities for your park with Little Tikes Commercial, you can find popular picnic tables like:

Find the Best Picnic Tables for Your Park

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With us, you can find a wide range of picnic tables and other park amenities to satisfy your guests and enhance your space. We want to work with you to blend our commitment to safety and dedication to sustainability with your desire to bring your community together. Contact us for a quote for your park today.