Kid Builders® Inclusive

Specifically Designed to Benefit Children of All Abilities

At Little Tikes Commercial we believe playgrounds should be fun for kids of all abilities. Our Kid Builders Inclusive line has a wide array of components specifically designed for kids with disabilities. Have specific needs you want to address? Our team will work with you to help you find the perfect components for your particular needs. Together we can create extraordinary playgrounds where kids of all abilities can play together and develop essential physical, cognitive and social skills—all while having fun!

Kid Builders® Inclusive

Kid Builders at a Glance

  • Rock’N Ship Glider
  • Accessible Wheelchair Ramps
  • Colored Kick Plates with Fun Faces
  • Colored Deck Edge Markers
  • Wide Accessible Platforms and Ramps
  • Transfer Stations
  • Sign Language Activity Panels
  • Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) Panels
  • Braille Panels
  • Inclusive Swings
  • Reach Panels, including the Melody Maker, Driving and Telescope Panels
  • Our KidBuilder Inclusive playgrounds promote physical, cognitive, sensory, social, emotional experiences that enrich play for all children

Variety of Components

Our Kid Builders inclusive line has a great variety of components specifically designed to bring kids of all abilities to play together

Girl in wheelchair using alphabet playground panel

Unique Needs

Have a specific need to address? We will work with you to help you find the perfect component for your playground

Beyond Accessibility

We have partnered with special needs experts to develop fun inclusive playgrounds that go beyond accessibility