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Decks and Ramps

Playground decks and ramps are the basic building blocks of creative play areas. They serve as platforms, walkways, and bridges, ensuring children have a safe and reliable way to traverse from one playground component to the next. At Little Tikes Commercial, we know that needs differ. That’s why we design commercial decks and ramps for every situation and site, ensuring these elements form your perfect playground platform and keep kids safe while they play.

Whether they’re serving as a unique, functional walkway or adding a bit of fun to your play structure, learn how decks and ramps from Little Tikes Commercial can benefit your school or community playground.

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Decks and Ramps

Decks and Ramps

Adding Playground Decks and Ramps

Little Tikes Commercial decks are at the heart of any playground structure. These essential components ensure children have plenty of room to run, jump, and climb from one component to the next. They also serve as transitions between playground elements. Decks can be installed across walkways or serve as platforms so that kids have a place to rest and enjoy the view from the tippy-top of the playground. We manufacture our decks in a variety of colors and shapes, including:

Besides our basic deck structures, we also offer a wide selection of ramps and creative deck elements to ensure your play structure is a place that sparks the imagination of children large and small. Accessible playground ramps create a universally accessible playground setting where every child can explore the exciting possibilities of play. Meanwhile, our balcony deck and this deck with bells give kids fun features to discover and explore.

Decks and Ramps

The Benefits of Commercial Playground Decks and Ramps

Playground decks and ramps from Little Tikes Commercial are expertly designed and manufactured to complete your playground design. They come in a variety of sizes and fun, stimulating colors to ensure an energetic atmosphere that inspires imaginative play.

At Little Tikes Commerical, we take play seriously. All decks and ramps are flush-mounted, creating more space for movement with anti-pinch and nonslip surfaces. These designs reduce the risk of awkward spaces where little hands, toes, and clothes could get caught. Our playground components come with industry-leading warranties that meet or exceed all industry and voluntary safety standards, including those created by CSA, CPSC, EN, and ATSM.

Plus, our ramps and decks are crafted from nontoxic materials with anti-corrosion coatings to ensure they stand up to mold, decay, and the elements. We provide beautiful equipment that children can enjoy for years to come.

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Decks and Ramps

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At Little Tikes Commercial, we strive to create playground equipment that’s affordable, attractive, and durable. Besides our selection of decks and ramps, we offer a wide variety of fun and functional structures and components, including slides, swings, riders, ramps, bridges, tunnels, overheads, climbers, roofs, and furnishings. We invite you to explore our offerings to find your ideal playground solution. Once you’ve found the equipment you want, reach out to get a quote personalized to your needs.

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