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Commercial Playground Swing Benefits

Swings are not only fun, but they’re also beneficial to childhood growth and development. Swings can help with:

  • Sensory Development: When children pump their legs and make the swings soar, they get to experience the sensation of movement, feel the wind on their face and see the world from up high. Swings engage visual and kinesthetic senses in kids and help them appreciate the sense of touch and movement. If a child’s sensory system is underdeveloped, it can be challenging for them to focus in the classroom. While swinging, kids can learn how to adapt to different sensations as they move back and forth.
  • Social Development: Swings are great for individual play, but they can also be an excellent place for shyer kids to interact with others. Kids can learn how to take turns swinging and pushing others on the swings. This helps them learn to get along with others and introduces them to children of different ages and abilities.
  • Physical Development: Swings encourage the development of balance and require children to exercise gross motor skills as they must hold on and pump their legs back and forth to swing. Swinging can also help children develop their fine motor skills, including grip strength, hand, arm, and finger coordination.
  • Emotional Development: Swings can even help kids develop a sense of independence and build their confidence as they swing on their own.


Cognitive And Physical Benefits Of Swinging

Playground swings are an excellent tool for physical and mental growth in children. But what specific skills do kids gain when they hop on your playground’s swing? Swinging is one of the best ways children are able to learn coordinated movements.

It’s almost impossible to teach children how to swing — they have to learn on their own. Through practice and lots of trial and error, kids learn how to make a swing move and get a feel for how their movements affect how high the swing goes. Because swinging increases blood flow to the brain, hopping on a set of playground swings for even a few minutes can wake up a sleepy mind and body.

There are many other benefits of playground swings for children. For example, swinging:

  • Can raise endorphin levels and enhance mood.
  • Develops a child’s core muscles.
  • Can help reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • Enhances focus and attention in children.
  • Is calming and fun.
  • Is essential for learning skills, such as rhythm and spatial awareness.


Playground Swings From Little Tikes Commercial

No two playgrounds are the same. Luckily, Little Tikes Commercial has a range of swings to choose from for your commercial play area, such as:

  • Classic Belt Swings and Standard Swings
  • Generation Swing Sets, which allow children and parents to use the swing at the same time
  • Freestylers, which allow kids to stand and hold on as they swing
  • Tot Seats for younger children
  • Raft Riders, which don’t go up high and are a perfect inclusive option for kids who might not be ready for heights, but still want to experience swinging
  • Team Swings, which let kids develop social kids as they glide through the air together
  • Raft Swings, which let children use the same slide together
  • Mirage Seats, which are the most inclusive playground swings in our line and can allow kids who can’t traditionally take part to swing, too
  • Tire-Style Swings
  • Heavy-Duty Swings
  • Duraglide Seats, which provide a flat surface for children to sit on

All Little Tikes Commercial swings meet or exceed any applicable safety standards and are made from quality materials that resist pinching and provide the safest experience possible. Our school playground swings can be found across the country, and you can also find our products in parks and other communities.

If several of the options above interest you, you’ll be happy to know we can often pair different playground swings together in the same play area. For example, we can include classic swings with more inclusive swings and toddler swings so kids of different ages and abilities can swing together.

Contact Little Tikes Commercial to talk to our team about all the possibilities.


Heavy-Duty Swings For School Playgrounds

A commercial swing set is a valuable addition to any community or school play space. At Little Tikes Commercial, our commercial swings for playgrounds are designed with safety and durability in mind so kids can stay moving for years to come. When kids play on heavy-duty commercial playground swings, they can build and nurture friendships and learn how to cooperate with students of different ages and abilities.

We offer modern, brightly colored, heavy-duty playground swings that can be easily customized to match your school colors. Depending on your spatial requirements and design and budget specifications, you can choose any stand-alone commercial playground swing to meet your needs. If you want a pre-designed set of playground swings accompanied by other play components, commercial playsets from Little Tikes Commercial may be the ideal choice.


ADA-Compliant Commercial Playground Swings

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice made changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including updated standards for making facilities handicap-accessible. These regulations had a significant impact on the construction and design of playgrounds and commercial swing sets. These rules and regulations primarily impacted playgrounds, and today, most playgrounds are ADA-compliant.

At Little Tikes Commercial, we recognize the importance of providing ADA-compliant, inclusive commercial swing sets for your playground. Our mirage seat playground swings are the most inclusive commercial swings in our inventory, ready for children of all abilities to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for Arch Swings, Maxplay Swings or more standard swing models, Little Tikes Commercial has the playground solutions for you!


Contact Little Tikes Commercial For Help Designing Your New Playground

Contact Little Tikes Commercial today to start finding the perfect swings for your commercial play area. Our swings are perfect for any application, either independently or as an integrated part of a larger play area. Let us know about your needs and the users who will be at your playground, and we’ll work to develop a custom solution that will thrill the families and kids in your community for years to come. You can also use our site to request a quote for your commercial playground.