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Bubble Panel

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Give kids access to a unique view of the world with a bubble panel for playgrounds. You can attach this panel to Kid Builders®, Play Builders®, or Gelefish® systems to add an exciting new feature to your play space. By adding these bubble windows to different playground features, you offer a versatile way to spruce up your play area or park.

Kids will love climbing to the top of a slide and peering out at the world through the curved lens of the bubble window, watching events unfold from a totally new perspective.

These thick bubble windows are durable enough to survive the outdoor elements and kids’ roughhousing. Children of all ages can enjoy looking at the world in a new way and sparking their imaginations with the bubble’s convex window. Bubble panels are a simple and effective way to engage children’s creativity on the playground.

Young toddlers and older children will both be excited to find an unexpected additional playground feature at the top of a standard slide or the end of a twisty tunnel. Bubble windows are a perfect way to add a surprise element of fun to traditional playground equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about how bubble windows can improve your playground by offering kids a creative new perspective of their world. You can also get a quote for information about pricing.

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