Calvin the Caterpillar (200200171)
Calvin the Caterpillar (200200171)
Calvin the Caterpillar (200200171)
Calvin the Caterpillar (200200171)

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Calvin the Caterpillar

Product #: 200200171


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Add a bespectacled friendly caterpillar to your playground for a quirky element of fun for young children. Calvin offers opportunities for kids to learn and play. Molded into the roof of Calvin’s tunnel is the life cycle of a butterfly, teaching kids how caterpillars like Calvin metamorphose during their life.

Also included with Calvin is a ladybug counting game and six shoes on Calvin’s back, with special surprises under each one. With so many features and interactive ways to engage with Calvin the Caterpillar, this piece is an ideal choice for playgrounds, schools, daycares and other areas that want to incorporate informational elements with their pretend-play equipment.

Kids of all ages can engage in parallel play on this caterpillar playground equipment. Calvin the Caterpillar’s climbable features include games and science lessons that make for perfect playground additions for a wide range of ages. Children aged two to 12 can enjoy climbing on and learning from Calvin in their park or playground.

Calvin the Caterpillar is available in several bright colors and provides an exciting, twisty surface to crawl on. Kids can also have fun crawling through and hiding in the tunnel underneath Calvin.

This caterpillar playground feature offers children infinite possibilities for play. Kids can use their imaginations to take off and go on an adventure of their own design without ever leaving the playground.

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