Perch Perfect (LT0905)
Perch Perfect (LT0905)
Perch Perfect (LT0905)
Perch Perfect (LT0905)

Tot Builders™ - Pretend Play

Perch Perfect

Product #: LT0905


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Perch Perfect engages a toddler’s senses unlike any other play space. When sat on the bench, children can rattle along with nature-themed shakers in a tactile, auditory experience. The three textured shakers feature bright colors to enhance the fun feeling of being on your very own perch. When children are upset, Perch Perfect can also be used as a location to help calm them down.
Tot Builders helps children aged 6 months to 5 years old develop their cognitive, social, and motor skills. Working with experts in child development and inclusion, we’ve designed this playground equipment to ensure that every child can experience and benefit from themed, imaginative play. With clear sightlines, interactive play features, and room for multiple children to play at once, Tot Builders expands fun and learning across any play space.

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