Talk Tube (200058823)
Talk Tube (200058823)
Talk Tube (200058823)


Talk Tube

Product #: 200058823

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Add an element of excitement and mystery to your recreational area with a talk tube from Little Tikes Commercial. The talk tube will intrigue and confound kids as they try to figure out how it works. It will pique their curiosities as they speak into one end and communicate clearly with their friend over a long distance on the other end. Our talk tube playground element is compatible with our Kidbuilders® and Playbuilders® play systems.

The talk tube introduces children to the physics of sound in a fun way by teaching them how sound travels when conveyed by the right materials. It also actively gets them involved in a positive social activity — they need a friend on the other side to see if the talk tube really works and get a message in return.

The talk tube is a playground essential, allowing children to engage their curiosities and critical thinking skills as they evaluate how the sound travels through the tube to get to the other end. Children of all ages will get a thrill out of communicating over long distances with a friend through a talk tube.

The Little Tikes Commercial talk tube is available in several bright colors, so you can purchase one that matches or accents your other playground equipment.

Purchase the Little Tikes Commercial talk tube to engage children with a unique playground feature.

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