Two Congas (200203442)
Two Congas (200203442)
Two Congas (200203442)
Two Congas (200203442)

Concerto™ - Accessories

Two Congas

Product #: 200203442


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Groove to a funky beat of your own design with Congas! This configuration of 5 colorful drums with differing diameters produces a delightful range of tones to experiment with. Constructed from ABS plastic, Congas are angled for anyone’s use. Groupings of 2 or 3 Congas are also available.
Musicians of all ages and abilities will enjoy performing with Concerto. Featuring stainless steel hardware, steel weldments, and powder coating, these outdoor instruments build harmony across the community. Whether they’re rocking out with friends or composing a new melody, Concerto transforms the playground into a stage kids can enjoy for years to come.

Prices are approximate. For playground component prices, please contact your local representative. Prices do not include surfacing, installation, shipping, or appropriate sales tax. Prices shown in US Dollar and may change without notice.