Lagos de Moreno Park

Brea, CA

Lagos de Moreno Park is a joint elementary school/community park located in Brea, California. The City wanted to update the playground with a tower that could be seen by the surrounding neighborhood, graphics that would honor their fire department and the adjacent elementary school, and bright colors to wow the community.

Little Tikes Commercial representative Pacific Park and Playground met with Brea Public Works officials to create a space for older children with a towering SkyBuilders® structure in bold primary colors. The area is complemented by ground-based elements including Floating Stones and Tire Climbers. The tot space includes a fire truck themed structure with custom signs honoring the Brea Fire Department and Laurel Elementary School.

With picnic tables and shade structures making the playground comfortable for long visits, the new destination playground is loved by both the City of Brea and Laurel Elementary.

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