Configurable components that bring climbing options to any play space, Stax brings play to new heights. Add a fun climbing experience for any age to your playground!

A Stax solo step play structure.


Stax Solo Step

Solo steps bring climbing excitement to any playground with the ability to be freestanding or accommodate 12-24″ deck heights.

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Stax  Summit Climber

Connect to a 96″ deck height or choose a freestanding option to capture young imaginations and bring exciting climbing challenges to your play space.


Stax Summit climbing tower play equipment.


Stax Summit Tower

A multi-sided freestanding puzzle tower brings unique challenges on each side as children race to the top! Handles at the top help kids climb up to see the view from the summit.

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Stax are available as independent events and play structure components

Stax extension bridge play structure.


Stax Extension Bridge

Create climbing patterns between decks with a 36″ height difference or offer ground-to-deck paths that pique interest and keep kids on their toes.

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A Stax quad climber play structure.


Stax Quad Climber

Provide an exciting transition to decks with a challenging but rewarding climbing experience. Curate a look of your own by choosing one paint color and up to three colors of durable rotomolded plastic.

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