How to Finance Commercial Playgrounds

Whether you are a daycare, community, school or other business or organization, if you need or want a playground, you probably need to consider commercial playground financing to help fund your investment. How do you finance a commercial playground, though?

Little Tikes Commercial offers a number of options and resources to help you finance your new playground, such as fundraising, leasing, discounts and more. Additionally, through our partnerships with Unlimited Play, GSA and Sourcewell, Little Tikes Commercial can help you save money and build a dream playground on your budget. Our financing resources include information you can use at every stage to help you maximize your investment. Many of our financing options go beyond simply borrowing money, so you save money on interest.

At Little Tikes Commercial, we can help you find the playground funding options you need to build the playground of your dreams.

Steps to Funding Your New Commercial Playground

Financing a new playground is a process, and it includes several steps:

1) Create a Budget

What’s your budget for your new playground? Sometimes, this is determined by a committee or by accounting professionals at your organization. You may also need to answer this question by considering the long-term return on investment a dedicated play area offers.

For example, if you are a daycare or other child-friendly business, you may decide that having a playground can bring you new clients and new business. However, you need to do market research to determine how much business a playground may be able to bring and, therefore, what amount of cash flow you can earmark for this investment.

2) Determine your financing options

When many businesses and organizations hear the term “financing,” they think “loans.” While this may be the only option your financial institution or bank offers, Little Tikes Commercial offers more options. You may be able to lease equipment, fundraise or work with organizations that help you build a commercial playground.

Work with Little Tikes Commercial

Best of all, combining resources can make your budget work more effectively. For example, by fundraising, you may be able to raise some money for a play area. You can make those funds go further, though, by using the National Joint Powers Alliance (Sourcewell) program to pool your money with others. If you still need a few pieces of equipment after these options are exhausted, you can lease them.

3) Fundraise

Fundraising can be an important part of your playground plan. Money you gather through fundraising does not have to be repaid and does not accrue interest, which helps your investment go further.

Fundraising is an ongoing process as well, so you will want to start early and potentially try different fundraising options to raise as much money as possible.


Little Tikes Commercial offers several options when it comes to financing for playground equipment:

  • Sales and discounts. Our promotions and discounts save you money, so the funds you have for your playground can go further.
  • Unlimited Play. Our work with this non-profit group offers you many funding opportunities. Unlimited Play can pair you with local helpers who can work with you to find fundraising and funding options. This group also offers workshops and design services to help you create the best playground, even on a modest budget.
  • Leasing. Leasing commercial playground equipment from Little Tikes Commercial frees up your cash flow by allowing you to create a play area now and pay for it gradually over time.
  • National Joint Powers Alliance (Sourcewell) membership. Little Tikes Commercial has a Sourcewell membership, which allows public agency markets to pool their purchasing power to enjoy special discounts.
  • National Cooperative Leasing. National Cooperative Leasing is a government program that can help you make the most of your budget.
  • GSA. If you are a qualifying agency, you can enjoy discounts through Little Tikes Commercial, a General Services Administration-approved vendor.
  • DoughBuilders. This program offers more than 100 different products for fundraising and can help you raise cash for your play area.

PArtnership with Unlimited Play organization

Unlimited Play

Unlimited Play is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring children to play more. They accomplish this by helping organizations build inclusive and accessible play areas. Unlimited Play can help you with building your play areas and with fundraising for a new playground. This organization offers several services, including:

  • Design. Unlimited Play can create a local team to help you create your playground from start to finish with expert leadership. By using Unlimited Play for the design and development stage, you can work with a local team who understands how to save money in the design process so you don’t overdesign or overspend.
  • Community Outreach. Unlimited Play can assemble a local team who can find and secure local project funders for your play area. Your local team can also work with you to develop fundraising solutions to raise money for your project. By taking care of special events such as a launch, project kick-off, build events and ceremony once your play area is complete, Unlimited Play helps build enthusiasm about your playground, which can help with your funding efforts.
  • Programs. Unlimited Play has programs to get veterans, teachers, parents and community youth leaders excited about activities and outings, helping raise community support for your playground.
  • Training. Through workshops, webinars, information kits and other learning resources, Unlimited Play lets you learn more about inclusive and accessible play, so you can build the best playground for your budget. Training can help you teach your community about the importance of an inclusive playground, helping to raise fundraising interest.

If you are interested in building a truly inclusive playground, Unlimited Play is an excellent resource. They’ll help you find the information, local support and funding support to make your play area enjoyable for kids of all ages and abilities. Unlimited Play lets you go beyond creating an accessible play area and lets you create a space that truly includes all children.


Little Tikes Commercial is a member of the National Joint Powers Alliance (Sourcewell), a government program offering membership for government agencies, education organizations, non-profit agencies and public agencies. Members of Sourcewell are able to enjoy reduced-cost purchased and contracted goods by combining purchasing power. With nationally leveraged pricing on contract goods and other benefits, Sourcewell members can enjoy great discounts on playgrounds and other purchases.

It works very simply. You are probably aware that bulk purchasers save money by getting discounts or wholesale prices. Sourcewell membership allows you to enjoy this benefit without having to buy unlimited numbers of the product yourself. Essentially, you stay an individual organization buying one play area, but you save as though you were buying in large quantities. You may qualify for these discounts if you are a school, non-profit or public agency.

The goal of the National Joint Powers Alliance is to save members time and money by streamlining the process. Instead of having to submit multiple individual solicitations to get discounts, members only have to show membership to get preferential pricing. If you qualify, getting Sourcewell discounts can take almost no extra time at all, especially when you work with Little Tikes Commercial representatives, who assist you in ensuring the process is smooth.

To find out how the Little Tikes Commercial Sourcewell membership can save you money on your play area, contact your local Little Tikes Commercial representative. Representatives can help you understand whether you qualify for a discount and can ensure special Sourcewell pricing is applied to your purchase if you are eligible. We can help you apply for Sourcewell membership or can help you find other ways to save if you cannot take advantage of this program.

General Services Administration (GSA)

Little Tikes Commercial is a GSA-approved vendor and holds contract GS03F055AA under the Little Tikes Commercial contractor name: PlayPower LT Farmington, Inc. GSA-approved vendors can offer discount prices to federal government agencies.

GSA program

If you are a government agency or entity, contact your Little Tikes Commercial representative to find out whether you can take advantage of GSA prices for your playground. If you are eligible, you will save money on your play area and play equipment because the GSA approves federal contractors and negotiates prices to ensure eligible entities save money. Think of it as getting government-preferential prices on playgrounds.

You can buy playground equipment from us by contacting your Little Tikes Commercial representative and asking about GSA program pricing. You can also visit GSA Advantage, the online shopping portal for the GSA.

GSA Advantage allows you to shop online easily and quickly. It also lets you compare prices on playground equipment. Users of the site can keep their order history, sign up for email updates and more. With secure payment and simple ordering, GSA purchasing and acquisitions make sense.

You may only qualify for GSA prices if you are a government purchaser. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, contact a Little Tikes Commercial representative to find out more about GSA. If you are eligible, buying via the GSA program can help you save money, and you can use this option alongside leasing, fundraising and other solutions to make your playground more affordable, ensuring you can build your dream play area.

Fundraising for a new playground


Fundraising is an important way to raise money for your playground. Even if you are getting discounts on play equipment, leasing or using other financing options, fundraising lets you raise money to help your budget go further. Fundraising also has additional advantages:

  • Provides you with money you don’t have to repay
  • Raises awareness and interest in your playground
  • Helps you bridge the gaps in your budget where other funding options don’t quite meet your needs
  • Creates a sense of community surrounding your playground, so more people are invested in the play space
  • Helps you afford more playground equipment and a better play area by raising capital for your project
  • Flexible and can be an ongoing effort, so there’s virtually no limit in how much money you can raise over time
  • Can raise money for all your project needs, including playground maintenance and installation
  • Is an option for anyone, including those who do not qualify for government discounts and programs when buying playground equipment

Fundraising can even be fun for your community. There are several ways you can raise the money for your play area:

  • Hold a bake sale. This is a popular option for schools and daycares since students and parents are often willing to supply the product and purchase the items.
  • Hold a yard sale. Selling items, including books, children’s clothing and other goods, is great for the environment and helps you raise money. Items for the sale can be donated by community members, keeping initial costs low.
  • Organize a special event. A special event, such as a teddy bear picnic, playground fair, concert, hike-a-thon or other unique event can generate a lot of interest as well as funds from the community. You can sell tickets for the event, have participants take pledges and offer refreshments for sale for multiple revenue streams.
  • Create an auction or raffle. If you can get a local business to donate special items, you can auction them or raffle them off to raise money.
  • Events with people of interest. This is a popular choice for communities and schools. If you can get a person of authority to pledge something, you can sell tickets for the event. Some schools raise money by promising to let children try to dunk the principal or by agreeing to have one of the teachers dye their hair a certain color.

When it comes to fundraising solutions, you’re only limited by your imagination, and you can hold as many fundraising events as you would like. If you want a ready-made and proven fundraising method, Little Tikes Commercial offers opportunities through DoughBuilders, a respected and time-tested fundraising solution.

DoughBuilders lets your team select from more than 100 much-loved items to sell, such as:

  • Cookie dough
  • Cakes
  • Pies
  • Bread
  • Pumpkin rolls
  • Pretzels
  • Tumblers
  • Candles
  • Tote bags
  • Gift cards
  • Chocolates

This fundraising system offers a number of benefits, including no upfront fees, free order entry services, free shipping, easy payment and more. You get everything you need for your fundraising, including posters, parent letters and free fundraising sales kits. Your team gets to keep 50% of the profit of your sales, and when you take part, you also get a grant from Little Tikes Commercial for every item sold, ensuring your money goes further.

It’s easy to get started. Just call 1-888-683-0048 and tell a representative you want to take part in the Little Tikes Commercial DoughBuilders program. A friendly team member will handle all the details to help you get your fundraiser started.

There Are a Number of Ways to Pay for a Playground

Don’t let stress over financing prevent you from building an amazing playground. Contact a Little Tikes Commercial representative today to start building your play area and to find out more about our financing options.

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