Middle School Playgrounds

Fun times at the playground don’t have to end with elementary school! While playground equipment is often geared towards young kids, there’s a place for middle school students on the playground, too. Kids aged 11 to 14 have a lot to glean from the benefits of playtime, yet often miss out due to equipment that’s designed with smaller children in mind.

By providing play structures that are more physically and mentally challenging, you can offer a space that encourages middle school students to stay active, have fun with their peers, and overcome challenging physical obstacles. Perhaps most importantly, you can foster an atmosphere of play that promotes outdoor discovery and physical activity among older kids as well as the younger ones.

Middle School Playgrounds

The Importance of Play in Middle School

When young children play, it’s easy to see the benefits of a playground. As children learn to use their legs and arms and gain control over their bodies, we can see their minds and bodies hard at work as they play. Do the benefits end with elementary school? Absolutely not! Middle school students have a lot to learn from the playground as well.

Physical Development

Playgrounds provide a place that’s all about having fun in an active, healthy way. Kids are encouraged to enjoy the fresh air and soak in some Vitamin D while discovering the outdoors, all within the safe design of a playground. Outdoor fitness opportunities abound, from climbing and bouldering to pull-up and chin-up bars. As they climb, lift, push, and pull, they’ll develop upper body strength and balance while taking control of their physical education.

At this age, it’s important to establish healthy exercise habits that they’ll carry with them into high school and beyond. What better way to do this than on the playground?

Cognitive Development

Middle school playground time allows students to further develop their motor skills, coordination and critical thinking abilities. These skills were likely a large part of their early childhood, but without continued structured play, children often lack opportunities to keep developing these cognitive abilities. A playground that meets their level and size will allow them to build on their cognitive development and make creative and critical thinking choices that are age-appropriate.

Social Development

Playgrounds are social places. Kids learn instinctively how to share, wait, communicate, and collaborate as they play together on each playground structure. With larger playground equipment, they’ll likely find themselves actively working as a group. This may entail challenging each other in obstacles or playing together as a group as they try to solve a challenge.

Middle school students benefit from places that allow them to make friends and interact with peers. This is particularly true on Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds, which are designed to be inclusive for children of all abilities, creating a space where everyone can play together.

Sensory Development

Outdoor play offers a feast for the five senses. Middle school students can benefit from rediscovering the magic of outside, allowing each of their senses to come to life through the various textures, sights, sounds, and smells of the playground. In a world that’s becoming more isolated due to technology, playgrounds bring activity and engagement to kids at this vital developmental age.

Emotional Development

Confidence is crucial to the emotional health of a child, particularly in middle school as kids prepare to enter adolescence. Social competency, friendships, and physical health are key components of developing confidence. As kids play together, they become comfortable interacting with others and learn emotional strengths such as teamwork, communication, and overcoming fears. Outdoor play lends itself effortlessly to this type of emotional development.

Middle School Playgrounds

Options Just Right for Middle School

A playground designed with middle school students in mind won’t use the same equipment as a typical playground. Playgrounds for older kids require an increased challenge, with heightened play structures and outdoor fitness equipment designed for active play. At Little Tikes Commercial, we’ve created an array of middle school recess equipment designed specifically for bigger hands, stronger bodies, and heavier weights. Each of our middle school playground structures is durable and constructed with the highest quality materials. Our choices include:

  • Vertical ladder: This challenging ladder can be installed as a standalone structure or as part of a collection. Middle school students can get valuable leg and arm exercise from climbing and balancing.
  • “S” challenge ladder: This piece of overhead equipment gives kids the chance to develop upper body strength as they navigate the rings or practice chin-ups.
  • 3-D rock challenge: This structure offers a safe yet challenging introduction to rock climbing, offering sizable footholds and hand grips for stability while giving them a chance to practice their climbing abilities.
  • 10 ft cargo net: Our cargo nets are the perfect ingredient for sports like soccer or hockey.

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Middle School Playgrounds

How Little Tikes Commercial Can Meet Your Needs

Little Tikes Commercial is a loud and proud advocate of the developmental value of play. We believe that playtime is an essential part of a child’s mental, emotional, cognitive, and social growth, which is why we’re committed to creating inclusive playgrounds that provide these opportunities for children of all abilities and ages. Our play structures are fun, engaging, and purposefully created to challenge kids to reach their potential.

We’re big believers in tailoring our products to your needs. Our custom playground options allow you to design the space that’s best for you and the children who will be using it. We’ll help you create the playground you need, from the nitty-gritty details of color options to the big-picture essentials, like choosing the right playground equipment for older students.

Our competitive pricing, leasing, and financing options help ensure our products are an affordable option, without ever compromising our standards. Each of our products is designed with premium engineering to ensure longevity and quality you can count on. After all, installing a new playground is an investment in the future — and with our long-lasting and durable materials, you can be sure it’s an investment that will last for many years to come.

Middle School Playgrounds

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