Market Stand (LT0901)
Market Stand (LT0901)
Market Stand (LT0901)
Market Stand (LT0901)

Tot Builders™ - Pretend Play

Market Stand

Product #: LT0901


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Market Stand gives children the chance to become a local vendor by spinning the pointers and sliding corresponding fruits and vegetables to their customers. At an accessible height, anyone can sell their products or shop for some groceries. An additional shelf below the counter allows for storage and interaction with a hidden graphic. On the side, children can become a baker by spinning the rolling pin or pretend to blow out the candles. A clock, abacus, and calculator also offer learning opportunities for children as well as a chance to apply their knowledge within a realistic scenario.
Tot Builders helps children aged 6 months to 5 years old develop their cognitive, social, and motor skills. Working with experts in child development and inclusion, we’ve designed this playground equipment to ensure that every child can experience and benefit from themed, imaginative play. With clear sightlines, interactive play features, and room for multiple children to play at once, Tot Builders expands fun and learning across any play space.

Patent Pending

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