Mirage Seat (188MIRAGE)
Mirage Seat (188MIRAGE)

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Mirage Seat

Product #: 188MIRAGE


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Swinging is a classic playground activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Swing sets allow children to soar into the sky while building up different muscle groups and having a blast. Now, imagine a seat that enables children with additional needs to participate in the fun and take a comfortable seat on the swing set.

The Little Tikes Commercial Mirage Seat is a perfect solution as an inclusive swing seat that allows children of all abilities and needs to join the unparalleled fun of swinging in the park or playground. This seat provides an easy first step toward transforming your park or play area into a universally accessible space.

The Mirage swing seat from Little Tikes Commercial provides extra security and support to ensure all children are safe and feel secure as they swing. It features sturdy chains that adhere to the seat in four places and attach to the swing set in two. The Mirage seat is also compatible with a removable safety harness option for even more support.

The supportive backrest keeps kids seated upright against gravity when using the swing to ensure proper use and optimal safety. This swing seat also offers a spacious chair to accommodate children of any size from ages two to 12.

These features make it easy for children of all abilities to engage in parallel play on the playground, encouraging stronger emotional and social development.

Our inclusive playground equipment inspires imaginative and meaningful play for every child.

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