Tot Builders® - Pretend Play


Product #: LT0882ING


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Set the stage for kids to create their own life stories through imaginative role play! Every aspect of the Playhouse was carefully planned to be engaging and inclusive. Packed with many of the features of a real house, such as a mail slot, doorbell, grill, and clock, but without the mortgage! Available in surface mount or in-ground mount.
Tot Builders playhouses bring a new perspective to a classic. These playhouses include a whimsical design, engaging play features for all abilities, and open sight lines to make supervision a breeze. There is plenty of room for multiple children to play inside and outside each of the structures. Add more Tot Builders play equipment to create a play town designed with young children in mind and watch their imaginations take over.

Prices are approximate. For playground component prices, please contact your local representative. Prices do not include surfacing, installation, shipping, or appropriate sales tax. Prices shown in US Dollar and may change without notice.