Sliding Pole (200006992)
Sliding Pole (200006992)
Sliding Pole (200006992)


Sliding Pole

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Provide kids with the unforgettable experience of sliding down a fireman’s pole with this fun playground feature. Sliding poles allow kids to play and grow while getting exercise and building up essential muscle groups.

Playground sliding poles make for a great addition to any church, school, or park play area and are an exciting feature for kids to explore. Our sliding pole is compatible with our Kidbuilders® and Playbuilders® play systems. Children ages five to 12 can appreciate the challenge of climbing up this pole and enjoy the reward of sliding back down after they reach the top. This climbing feature will surely appeal to kids’ adventure-loving and challenge-seeking nature.

Sliding poles provide a fun and unique experience for children of many ages. This playground sliding pole is the perfect diameter for most children older than five to easily grip for climbing or sliding purposes.

A sliding pole allows children to benefit from productive exercise by helping them build muscles in their upper bodies and legs as they climb and slide. If you get more than one pole, you can promote further exercise by encouraging friendly competitions to see who can climb up the pole fastest.

Add a sliding pole to your playground from Little Tikes Commercial to encourage exercise while kids have fun.

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