Spiral Tunnel Slide (200031281)
Spiral Tunnel Slide (200031281)
Spiral Tunnel Slide (200031281)
Spiral Tunnel Slide (200031281)


Spiral Tunnel Slide

Product #: 200031281

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A spiraling tunnel slide is the ultimate feature for any playground. Kids of all ages will be thrilled to push themselves into a dark winding tunnel that spits them out again into a bright playground. Slides are a must-have for every playground, but an enclosed spiraling slide like this one is a distinct feature and will create many fun memories for all children.

Make your playground stand out by giving kids access to a spiral tunnel slide, a unique element that will surely draw excitement from all children. Our spiral tunnel slide is compatible with our Kidbuilders® and Playbuilders® play systems.

This tunnel slide comes in an array of colors to brighten your playground and attract kids’ attention. The spiraling slide will give kids a thrill as they commit to sending themselves off into the dark tunnel for an exciting ride before coming to a safe landing at the bottom.

This slide is secure and safe for young toddlers to ride, and children from ages two to 12 can enjoy using it. It has a 30-inch diameter, providing a wide opening for kids of all sizes.

Children can have fun pretending they are riding off on an elite spaceship mission as they play on this spiral tunnel slide. It provides a perfect opportunity to evoke kids’ imaginations as they slide through the tunnel out into the park or playground.

Incorporate a spiral tunnel slide into your playground to add an exciting feature that promotes meaningful play.

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