Straight Tunnel Slide

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Everyone knows the best mode of transportation in a playground is the slide. Slides have been a playground favorite for ages. Kids love the thrill of pushing themselves down a sloped surface for a fast and fun ride. Our straight tunnel slide is compatible with our Kidbuilders® and Playbuilders® play systems.

Tunnel slides amplify the fun of a traditional slide by sending children through a sloped tube, briefly transporting them to a different world before spitting them out back into the bright playground. This straight tunnel slide from Little Tikes Commercial will elevate your playground with a durable and exciting new structure that will captivate children’s spirits of adventure for years.

Kids will love gliding through the Little Tikes Commercial straight tunnel slide. This slide has a 30-inch diameter to accommodate children of all sizes from ages two to 12. The tunnel slide also comes in an array of bright colors so you can choose the one that best accents your playground.

The slide’s enclosed tunnel offers ample opportunity to engage children’s imaginations. Kids are free to imagine themselves taking off in a spaceship or plunging into the sea in a submarine as they slide through the tube. This playground component will surely brighten children’s play experience and provide them with an exciting new way to enjoy the fun of a traditional slide.

The Little Tikes Commercial straight tunnel slide offers a new twist on a playground classic.

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