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How to Plan an Epic Easter Egg Hunt on the Playground

How to plan an epic easter egg hunt

Bunny ears, colored eggs, and pastel baskets — Easter is an iconic holiday that both kids and adults enjoy. One of the most popular ways to celebrate the holiday is with an Easter egg hunt. In 2022, 32% of people in the United States planned to participate in a search for those bright plastic eggs filled with goodies. The tradition is fun for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for fair ideas, ways to bring people together, or just to celebrate the season, hosting an Easter egg hunt at a playground is a fantastic way to have fun and encourage kids to be physically active. Gather Easter egg scavenger hunt ideas before planning the exciting day.

5 Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

When planning an Easter egg hunt, the possibilities are endless. Get your creativity flowing with these five Easter egg hunt ideas for kids of all ages:

1. Easter Egg Relay

Divide the kids into two or more teams, and assign each group a color of eggs. Have one person from each team search for an egg in their color. When they find one, the kids return to you and high-five the next in line. The team to find all their eggs first wins a special prize, and the rest get to pick candy.

2. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Instead of candy, put clues in the eggs that direct the kids to another part of the playground. Label each Easter egg with a number so no one skips any clues. Hide a big prize at the end that everyone can enjoy, like an Easter-themed piñata or sweet treat.

3. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Give every kid a scavenger hunt list with items like a dotted egg, a green egg, or an egg with a penny inside. Once the kids find three eggs on their list, they get to trade them in for a prize like a gift card or small toy.

4. Blindfolded Easter Egg Hunt

Split participants into two teams, each with a kid and an adult. Blindfold the adults and have the kids direct the adults across the playground to find the Easter eggs. No peeking!

5. Unscrambled Egg Hunt

Write letters on scraps of paper and hide them in the eggs. Then the kids have to work together to unscramble the saying to win prizes.

Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

Planning an easter egg hunt involves plenty of preparation. Here are some tips for how to do an Easter egg hunt without breaking a sweat:

1. Set the Date

planning your egg hunt

Planning your egg hunt for a different weekend than Easter weekend can help boost turnout. Be mindful of what time of day works best, depending on your area and the kids who will attend. The morning might work best for families with small kids who need to nap.

2. Pick a Location

Your local park is a great place to host an Easter egg hunt because it’s public and large enough for a sizeable group. You may need to reserve the spot for the day. Look for an area that allows kids to roam while providing safe boundaries away from roads or other hazards.

3. Spread the Word

Let your community know about the egg hunt by putting up posters, sharing the information on social media, or placing signs in local businesses. Request an RSVP, so you know how many kids will attend.

4. Stockpile Your Eggs

You’ll need plenty of eggs for your hunt, so start collecting them as soon as possible. Plastic eggs generally work best and are the easiest to hide treats inside. You can also ask for egg donations from people in your community to get even more.

5. Gather Some Baskets

Whether you ask for everyone to bring their own Easter baskets or not, it’s safe to assume some kids will forget. Collect several baskets and pails to have on hand for the day.

6. Count the Eggs

Before you hide all your eggs on the day of the hunt, count them — carefully. Counting the eggs as you fill them can help you retrieve any hidden ones later.

7. Hide All Your Eggs

Hide the eggs in various locations depending on the age ranges you expect at your Easter egg hunt. For younger kids, eggs should be more visible. Older kids can likely handle challenging hiding spots like in the crook of a tree branch.

8. Ready, Set, Hunt

Have the kids search by age group in different areas to avoid competition between older and younger participants. It can also be helpful to have a time limit for the egg hunt to keep the event moving. Once all the eggs are found, hand out your prizes.

How Many Easter Eggs to Hide Per Child

Having the right number of eggs for your hunt is vital for ensuring everyone has a good time. When deciding how many eggs to hide per child, consider the structure of your Easter egg hunt. You want to be sure everyone can get a prize. Typically, 10 to 12 eggs per kid will be enough.

The Benefits of Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt at a Playground

A playground is a great place to host an Easter egg hunt, whether you’re planning an event for a large group or just a family gathering. Here are a few benefits of hosting your Easter egg hunt at a playground:

Central Location

Hosting an Easter egg hunt at a playground is a great community outreach idea because of a playground’s central location. A playground creates a comfortable place for people to gather and enjoy time together. Playgrounds also provide restrooms, water fountains, and picnic tables, so people have everything they need for a day at the park.

Large Area

Playgrounds offer plenty of hiding places and a large enough area to keep participants from feeling cramped as they search. You can also utilize playground equipment with your Easter egg hunt and have kids climb up the playground structures as they hunt for their eggs.

Additional Activities

Hosting your egg hunt at a playground provides built-in activities once the Easter egg hunt is over. Kids will enjoy playing on the playground equipment with new friends.

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Easter-Themed Playground Activities

Once you’ve planned your egg hunt, you might want more activities to fill out the day. Consider adding these Easter-themed playground activities to your egg hunt’s agenda:

1. Egg-on-a-Spoon Race

Have kids giggling with a traditional egg-carrying game. Kids must balance an egg on a spoon and race each other to the finish line. Go with hard-boiled or plastic eggs to minimize the mess.

2. Bunny Hop

A potato sack race is another fun way to get kids moving. Have participants step into a potato sack and hop their way to the finish line.

3. Egg Decorating

Kids will love getting crafty and decorating a hard-boiled egg with crayons, paint, stickers, glitter, and other craft supplies. Make sure to have cleanup supplies on hand.

4. Egg Toss

Split kids into teams of two and give each group a plastic egg. Team members must stand a few feet apart, toss the egg back and forth without dropping it, and then take one step back for each round. The team left standing without “breaking” their egg is the victor!

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With a bit of creativity and preparation, you can plan an epic Easter egg hunt for your classroom, neighborhood, or town. You can plan an event that’s fun for everyone by including some Easter-themed games and activities and making sure every kid gets to participate in the festivities.

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