Designing a Playground for Adults

Adults need about 150 minutes of physical activity every day, which can be challenging to achieve for busy parents, tired guardians, and older adults with mobility or health issues. Activities like walking, lifting, jogging, and stretching provide many health benefits, but finding the time and resources to access a fitness center can prohibit people from getting the activity they need.

Adult playgrounds encourage people to use outdoor fitness areas to get their bodies moving while enjoying the fresh air. There are many benefits to these spaces and many ways to design an engaging space for your community. Keep reading to discover why you should design an adult playground and what elements to consider adding to your space.

What Are Adult Playgrounds?

Adult playgrounds encompass many traditional aspects of playgrounds for children but cater to different abilities and needs. These outdoor spaces empower adults to have fun and discover unique ways to get active and meet new people. Adult playgrounds tackle factors like cost and accessibility that prevent people from getting routine physical activity from fitness centers and gyms.

These playgrounds often feature various equipment to get the body moving, such as sections for lifting, walking, or balancing. These spaces help adults build strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.

Why Build Playgrounds for Adults?

Adult playgrounds offer many benefits for your community members and organization. Spending time outside can benefit people of all ages, but adults can enjoy the additional benefits of having their own recreational space. Some benefits of adult playgrounds include:

  • Socialization: Adults who spend most of their time at work or home may face challenges when trying to strengthen their connections with the community. Additionally, mobility or health issues can prevent some adults from spending time in their communities. Adult playgrounds encourage adults to socialize while participating in a variety of activities, such as walking, yoga, bird-watching, riding bikes, playing card games, and exercising. As people engage in their favorite activities, they can meet new people and strike up conversations with other playground users.
  • Fresh air: Adult playgrounds are typically outdoor spaces, encouraging community members to spend time in the sun and fresh air. Fresh air increases serotonin levels and lowers anxiety and stress. Additionally, sunlight provides vitamin D, promoting immune health and allowing people to absorb calcium better.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise is an excellent way to combat harmful conditions and improve functions. Physical activity can strengthen muscles and bones, improve brain health, reduce risks for diseases, and enhance abilities to complete everyday activities. Adult playgrounds encourage people to get physical activity through walking, stretching, lifting, and similar activities.
  • Entertainment: People without access to fitness center or gym memberships can enjoy the fresh air while engaging in fun and creative workout routines. Adult playgrounds with various sections to target diverse needs can encourage adults to have fun while engaging in meaningful activities. Walking trails and exercise equipment can empower adults to set new fitness goals and inspire friends and family to do the same.

How to Design an Adult Playground

There is more than one way to design an adult playground. Ultimately, this space should meet the needs of your community and encourage people to get active every day. There are several elements you can consider to make your space as creative and engaging as possible:

  • Outdoor gym equipment: Adult playgrounds often feature an array of exercise equipment. You can create areas for lifting, balancing, and improving flexibility with outdoor leg curl machines, stationary bikes, benches, leg presses, and other equipment.
  • Walking paths: A beautiful path for running, walking, or cycling is excellent for adult playgrounds. These spaces can encourage adults to get active in whatever way is most meaningful to them. Walking paths also encourage families and friends to get active together while enjoying the fresh air and pleasant conversation.
  • Hopscotch: Hopscotch is a traditional playground activity for kids, but adults can also enjoy jumping from square to square. Whether you paint a permanent hopscotch board or leave a space for playground goers to make their own, this activity can strengthen bones while giving a great core and leg workout.

You can get creative with adult playgrounds. Ultimately, as long as your community is enjoying the space, you can add any element you want. Some adult playgrounds feature simple equipment spaces, while others offer activities like zip lining and trampoline parks. Evaluate the needs of your community and ask locals what they’d like to see from your space, and contact a professional to discuss the best options for your adult recreational area.

Design an Adult Playground With Little Tikes Commercial

Little Tike Commercial is rooted in imaginative play. We have the experience and knowledge to create fun, creative spaces for everyone. Our innovative play spaces are inclusive in design, encouraging everyone to enjoy your space.

Our team proudly serves a wide range of audiences, including landscape architects, parks and recreation departments, schools, homeowners associations, places of worship, and daycares. We understand the importance of communities and recognize that every community has different needs. We want to help you bring yours together through exciting and engaging play spaces.

Whether you need help designing your space or want some additional information about the best pieces to include, our team can help. With us, you can find custom play solutions that are right for your community. Contact Little Tikes Commercial for a quote for your space.