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Elementary school play equipment is designed for children ages 5 to 12. This period of time is very important in childhood development because children are just entering school, and the elementary school playground becomes an important part of recess and after-school play.

Elementary school playground equipment teaches young children some of the basic social skills they need to succeed. It also encourages them to play and run around outside, which is important for regular exercise.

Little Tikes Commercial has a number of options for playground equipment for elementary schools:

“C” Challenge Ladder. This overhead structure can help children build upper body strength, while having fun in the process. It increases muscle strength, agility and independence.
“S” Crawl Tunnel. This crawl tunnel fosters imaginative play while encouraging children to crawl and move.
Abacus Panel. Math skills are crucial for school success, and this panel lets children learn about counting early on with bright colorful beads.
Animal Panel. This panel lets children match bodies, hands and feet of different animals. It encourages motor skills as well as the ability to match pictures, making it a great option for younger learners.
Braille Panel. An essential in any inclusive playground, this panel lets children learn about the braille alphabet. For both sighted and vision impaired children, it encourages tactile play while teaching both the braille alphabet and the printed alphabet, encouraging literacy skills.
Castle Safety Panel. Elementary school is often a time for imaginative play and make-believe. This castle panel allows children to pretend to be in a castle and encourages group play, historical play and cooperative play.
Cliff Climb. With a realistic climbing surface, this climber allows children to safely develop balance and strength while getting exercise.
Colossus® Slide. With four pathways, the slide allows multiple children to slide at once, making it ideal for playgrounds for elementary schools. It can reduce the amount of time children spend waiting in line for the slide and even allows children to slide together. This slide can be an important part of an inclusive playground, as some children may need some support when sliding.

With these and other elementary playground equipment options, Little Tikes Commercial makes it possible for you to create a virtually endless array of playground configurations. Whether you are looking for simple elementary school swing sets, educational panels or custom playground equipment for your elementary school, Little Tikes Commercial has the solutions you need.

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Your Elementary School Playground

Little Tikes Commercial lets you design and create your own elementary school playground, reflecting the unique needs of your students. If you would like to discuss the options available for your school, contact Little Tikes Commercial to speak with one of our representatives.

Little Tikes Commercial recognizes that schools have modest budgets, which is why we have a number of financing and lease options available. Our website contains resources to help you find funding, and our representatives can tell you more about our leasing. In addition, Little Tikes Commercial is committed to providing safe, sturdy and well-engineered playgrounds designed to last for years, meaning you get value with your investment. We also work hard to keep our equipment competitively priced.

Contact Little Tikes Commercial today to find out how we can build a great playground designed just for your students. Our representatives are always standing by to help — our exceptional customer service is recognized in the industry, so you always have someone by your side as you work to create your new playground.

Key Features


We specifically design play structures to provide a clear line of sight so teachers can keep an eye on children at all times.


Independent components provide a variety of challenges that are developmentally appropriate.


Our high quality and durable materials stand up to daily use.

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