Tot Tree

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Categories: Early Childhood, Structure.
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Age Range

6mos-2, 2-5

Use Zone Length

19' (5.8M)

Use Zone Width

21' (6.4M)


435 lbs

Toddler playsets play a crucial role in child development, and this bright, colorful piece of toddler playground equipment gets young ones excited about playtime. The shape of the Tot Tree appeals to all elements of a child’s development, including:

  • Sensory Development:As they take in the colors of the tree and explore the shapes of the tree, kids are developing their senses. The textured surface also appeals to the sense of touch.
  • Physical Development:Physical development occurs as children climb over the roots of the tree or build fine motor skills by opening and closing the bright blue mailbox on the side of the trunk. Kids also develop their sense of balance as they climb up and slide down the slide.
  • Emotional Development:Group activities encourage emotional development as children learn to be confident during their play.
  • Social Skills:Kids develop their social skills as they take turns climbing on the roots, going down the slide or sending each other “letters” through the mailbox.
  • Creativity:Playtime encourages creativity, as children can pretend they are woodland animals living in a tree or that they are living in a tree house or are in an enchanted forest.

Toddler playgrounds help kids learn and play as part of their development. For toddlers, playtime can be a great way to build gross motor skills, as they learn to walk confidently, crawl and move around. Also, play encourages independence for younger children, allowing them to develop the skills they need to be able to grow.

If you’re looking for daycare playsets or playground equipment for toddlers, Little Tikes Commercial has playground equipment for all ages. We offer a wide range of products which can allow you to develop the play space you’ve always wanted. Our design team works with you to ensure you get the right play area to serve children in your community. Contact us to get started.

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